Saturday, April 8, 2017

Spring Table -- Orange & Green

A Sunday SPRING table --

I usually gravitate towards the pastels in the SPRING,
but thought it would be fun to do something a little different.

I alternated clear glass goblets with the orange goblets -- to downplay the orange a bit.

The salad plate was the inspiration -- greens,  yellow, and orange.
{Salad plates are a great way to change things up 
without having to buy a full set of dinner dishes.}
The napkin rings are a favorite 'sale' purchase from last year.

The color combo remind me of the 70s -- My mother's kitchen was orange and yellow.
Cheerful. And green is always my go-to color.

Everything 'garden' makes me smile.

{Our weather has been rainy and overcast lately -- so the lighting isn't perfect.}

Things I've used --
TJMaxx {or someplace similar a few years back} -- place mats and white dishes
Tuesday Morning {a few years back} -- orange goblets
Michael's {this year 60% off} -- bunnies and chicks
Pier One {this year} salad plates, salt and pepper shakers, carrot scatters, and napkins
Pier One {last year} -- napkin rings

I added the butterflies on Saturday night -- 
I had to make those flowers last one more day!


  1. Traditionally, I associate orange with a different season. The orange here makes the table lively. I like it. I have never seen orange stemware before, good choice. A very nice table.


  2. I love the way you used the orange goblets. They give a nice pop of color to the tablescape.

    1. Thank you Jen...It ended up being a really fun table.