Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Family Sweetheart Dinner 2017

A few pictures from our Family Sweetheart Dinner.

Pinks and grays --
Everything is from the stash.
Felt hearts found at Target -- filled with artisan chocolates.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Family Sweetheart Dinners --

{Table from a few years back...}

Prepping for Sunday.
{We'll be having our annual Family Sweetheart Dinner. The college kiddos will be home.}

This table was from last year.
{I really love folding the napkins into hearts!}

The days are warming up --
So glad, we've needed a little sunshine lately.

This table was from a couple of years ago...
I set it for 8 even though one of the bigs was in Japan.
We had the 'Spanish conversation hearts' to celebrate the oldest
who had just come home from NJ as a missionary -- focused on Spanish.

Excited to have everyone home.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Chinese New Year Table

Last month we celebrated Chinese New Year with a little family dinner.
We usually have some variation of Chinese food -- 
take out, Hawaiian Haystacks, or other fun rice  dishes.

The year of the Rooster.
{I tried to find a better photo of this floral arrangement we used for a Jr. Prom
several years ago -- when we served Chinese food.}

Take-out boxes make fun floral centerpieces -- 
this one had chopsticks and fortune cookies added.

For our Chinese New Year meal, we usually always have fortune cookies, chop sticks, 
red envelopes, and some fun decorations.
We often highlight the 'animal of the year' -- but sometimes we highlight each child's animal.

A few photos from past celebrations.
{Taken from my Serendipity blog --}

Fun memories...

The year of the dragon...

This photo was from last year...

{Cute dot/confetti dishes from TJMaxx.}