Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Table 8 & 9

Here is our Sunday table.
The dishes are Johnson Bro reproductions.
I love them because they are pink and green.
I brought them out this weekend because
I've been watching Berkeley Square & I needed a taste of Old England!
{28 days until the next season of Downton Abbey starts, but who is counting?}
 Here are our Sunday tables from the last several weeks:
Here we are on envelope #9.
Today we made a list of all the holiday fun 
we still want to accomplish in 2012.
Envelope 1 - Take out advents
Envelope 2 - Trees
Envelope 3 - Attend Little A's Dance & M's
Orchestra Christmas Concert
Envelope 4 - Host Dessert Night
Envelope 5 - Christmas Music
Envelope 6 - M's Dance & L's Holiday Concert
Evenlope 7 - Buddy Night & Date Night
Envelope 8 - Trip to the zoo & Dickens Festival
You can read about our Red Envelope Tradition here..
Sample found here.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sunday Table 7

Sunday Table 7 -- Our table for Sunday, December 2, 2012


One of my goals for 2012 was to set a pretty table each Sunday.

When September came around, I realized I needed to get my act together,

and really make my goal happen! I'm glad that I decided to blog about it, because

I think that has helped me stick with my goal!

I'm happy to report that I've consistently set a pretty Sunday table for almost 2 months!


{*I'll explain the sleigh centerpiece below.}

For the most part, this table is set with things we've had for many years.

{I think the napkin rings and the felt mats are the only things I'm

using for the first time -- less than $20 spent on those.}

One thing I love about tables and dishes, is that you can change things around

and make everything look new!  And it doesn't have to cost much. 

Usually, it doesn't have to cost anything if you are just using what you have!

And treasure hunting for clearance items

makes finding inexpensive items a fun adventure.

Here is a list of where I found items in my tablescape:
Sleigh -- Hobby Lobby
{clearance several years ago -- basically free}
Green dear & tree dishes -- Target {forever ago}
Napkins -- TJ Maxx {I LOVE plaid!}
Red snowflake mats [felt] --
Tuesday Morning during the summer {clearance}
White chargers -- Pier One
Glasses and flatware -- BB&B
The napkin rings were also from BB&B {clearance} this summer.
I got them for .99 each specifically with these dishes in mind.


*Centerpiece Idea

The centerpiece is actually a great idea that came my way several years ago,
and I love it.  We try to use the idea during the months of December & January.
Some people use the idea for the entire year -- which I find touching, and impressive.
Basically you fill a basket [or other object] with your Christmas cards.
Then when you sit down as a family to eat dinner,
you celebrate those wonderful people in your life. 
You lovingly talk about each specific card  & the sender[s].
You talk about how they have blessed your lives.
You can also pray for them in your meal prayer.
Isn't that a lovely tradition?


We've already received a dozen beautiful greetings.
I'm looking forward to our sharing them with our family tomorrow.
 Here are the tables that I have done up until now:

Table 4Table 5, & Table 6

{another set of deer dishes in aqua blue}