Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sunday Table 6

Here is our Sunday Table set for tomorrow.

deer plates, flatware, napkins [Tuesday Morning -- various years]
deer place cards [Hobby Lobby -- a few years back]
aqua plates [America Thrift]
round place mats [TJ Maxx]
tablecloth, stemware & candlesticks* [BB&B]
white chargers [Pier One]
solid plates [Tai Pan]

A close-up of one of the deer plates -- they are all a little different. 
 I really, really love these plates!  Wish I had a dozen of them!
Somewhere they were described as 'Snow White meets Narnia'!
Such a great description!


*Today I spray painted the candlesticks aqua,
 and splattered a little white on them for a snowy look.
They were originally gold.
I've had them for several years.
{I love how they look with our aqua deer plates.}
I wrote a post 'Oh Deer!' in January 2010
about my love of deer themed dishes.
I'll be using them a lot during the months of December & January.
Trying to find new creative ways to use them.
{One of the sets I bought from a Target in California in the late 90s.
I've carried that fun after-Christmas-find all across the country & back again!}

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sunday Table 5

Here is our Sunday Table set for tomorrow.
flatware, napkins, & button napkin rings [Tuesday Morning]
turkey plates & round place mats [TJ Maxx]
chargers, tablecloth, & stemware [BB&B]
white chargers [Pier One]
solid plates [Tai Pan] 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sunday Table 4

Last weekend the guys were having a 'guy trip' running a race.
So the girls decided to set a pink & brown autumn table...just for fun.
plate mats, tablecloth [BB&B] this year
stemware [MIL hand-down]
pink plates [Old Time Pottery] several years back
turkey plates [Tuesday Morning] several years back
glitter acorns [Ross] tied with pink jute to make a napkin ring
napkins [Pier One] this year [on clearance]
silverware [wedding gift]
centerpiece [spray painted autumn ceramic gourds/pumpkins] several years old
Here are my previous Sunday Tables:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Table 3

Here is our Sunday table from today.
{Can you see all the colors outside our window?}
Autumn is my favorite season.
And where we live,
 autumn is kind of a showoff -- it is absolutely so beautiful!!!
Homemade chili, baked potatoes, baked squash and Salad de Maison
Flatware, tablecloth, and yellow place mats - Bed, Bath & Beyond
White chargers - Pier One
Ceramic acorns & cornucopia dishes - Ross
Leaf napkins - Walmart {years ago}
Stemware - MIL
Hanging Acorns - Pottery Barn, SIL {gift}
Centerpiece - large leaves
{Courtney Farms in Ocean Springs, MS}, 
Glass box {Tai Pan},
Fun yarn acorns {gift from friend last year} 
Tassels on chair backs -
Pear salt shaker [pictured] from Tuesday Morning & ribbons 
{I think I made this one back in 2006 or earlier}
My goal is to set a pretty table for my family each Sunday.
Here are the tables I've set so far...