Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mickey's Diner Meet Kate Spade Order's Up

I've had the Mickey's Diner plates (bottom plate) for a few years now. 

Very fun to use with the Mickey waffle iron -- for breakfast.

I also used them to announce our 2015 Disney cruise trip.

I recently purchased Kate Spade's 'Order's Up' collection -- 
in red, white, blue & aqua -- 
on sale for a ridiculous price. 
(Thank you Macy's.)

So fun to see how they blend with the Mickey's diner plates!
Looking forward to setting some fun tables with these.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Spring Tables in Red, White, and Blue

With the first 'official' day of summer just 5 days away,
here are a few spring tables from last year.

From Memorial Day --


Flag Day --

Eating outside is always a favorite for us during the spring and early summer.
Looks like last year we enjoyed a lot of 
red, white, and blue!