Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Table 8 & 9

Here is our Sunday table.
The dishes are Johnson Bro reproductions.
I love them because they are pink and green.
I brought them out this weekend because
I've been watching Berkeley Square & I needed a taste of Old England!
{28 days until the next season of Downton Abbey starts, but who is counting?}
 Here are our Sunday tables from the last several weeks:
Here we are on envelope #9.
Today we made a list of all the holiday fun 
we still want to accomplish in 2012.
Envelope 1 - Take out advents
Envelope 2 - Trees
Envelope 3 - Attend Little A's Dance & M's
Orchestra Christmas Concert
Envelope 4 - Host Dessert Night
Envelope 5 - Christmas Music
Envelope 6 - M's Dance & L's Holiday Concert
Evenlope 7 - Buddy Night & Date Night
Envelope 8 - Trip to the zoo & Dickens Festival
You can read about our Red Envelope Tradition here..
Sample found here.

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