Friday, September 23, 2016

Plaid Plates

It is cold out today, and I'm working on our Sunday table.
Last year when I bought these animal salad plates from West Elm,
I thought they would be so great paired with plaid plates.
But I didn't have a great plaid plate, so I've been looking all year.

So excited when I recently found these plaid plates at Pottery Barn!
I think they'll be fun at Christmas and during autumn and winter --
And I had coupons {from college dorm room} which made them on sale!
{Hooray for sales!}

Here are a few of the 8 different animals in stylish winter wear.
A lynx {or is it a bobcat} --

A moose -- with toggle buttons.

An owl, in blue plaid flannel AND a bowtie.

And a puffin -- love the puffin.


  1. Where do you find this stuff? Those are some pretty cool plates and unique. But more importantly, where do you store all this stuff when not in use!? Very cool. -Diedre

    1. The animal plates are from West Elm. I think the plaid plates are Pottery Barn {or TJMaxx} I have a few sets of plaid dishes. :l I keep them in a hutch and in a closet in our basement. I just love dishes...I guess like some people collect fabrics, or art supplies...dishes are my thing. :)