Saturday, January 17, 2015

January 2015 -- Birds and Branches

Today while we were setting our Sunday table,
I realized I love to use bird & branches in January.

Just a few days ago I picked up my little guy from school for a lunch date,
and we saw an enormous bald eagle watching over our neighborhood.
I think I love January because the trees are a little vulnerable without their leaves.
 The bare branches mean that spring is soon to come again.
The the birds, they can't hide in the leaves of trees,
so we see them easily.
And aren't they beautiful?
I love to use this Chickadee dinnerware by Kate Williams in January.
I also love to use these Winter Song {Lenox} plates in January.
I think they are meant to be Christmas dishes, but they are my favorite dishes to
use in the quiet months of January & February.

My girls helped me this afternoon to set our birds & branches table for tomorrow --
blue and gray dinnerware, 
a blue plaid tablecloth, 
white trees wrapped in burlap, 
silver birds,
and some fun birch candle holders.

It feels perfect for January.

I love this time of year for the quiet that it brings,
and the opportunity to hibernate a bit.

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