Thursday, December 12, 2013

More Christmas in Our Kitchen

I love Christmas dishes!
{Possibly an obsession I can pin on my mother?}
I would have to say these are some of my favorites!
I love that they are uneven circles and more artsy than most of my dishes.
I love that they are made in Italy and look as if they should hold mounds of
pasta and delicious 'minestra maritata'
I love that they have three shades of green on them.
 I've posted about this sleigh before.
All of our holiday cards find their way to the sleigh.
We read them, share beautiful memories about our connections to
each family, and we pray for the people that send them.
We are blessed to have amazing people in our lives.
Napkins from BB&B
Dishware & place mats from TJ MAXX
Glasses & napkin rings from Tuesday Morning
Vintage Santa cloth is a replica found on Amazon

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