Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sunday Table 12

This table started off with only yellows and blues.
Originally, I had just the blue delphinium
and the small yellow Gerber daisies in the white pitcher.
{When we lived in our California base housing, 
I decorated the main living area in yellow and blue.}
Yellow and blue will always make me think of living in California.
Yellow and blue will always make me think of the start of summer.

Recently when I was walking through Trader Joe's,
I saw the bright bold peonies, and decided to bring some home.
I added them to our yellow and blue table.

I also pulled out my metal 'granny tray'... not exactly sure why I call it that.
Metal trays -- and metal TV trays -- and aluminum tumbler cups for that matter
make me think of my paternal grandparents.  

I'm not sure if I preferred the table in just yellow and blue,
or if I like the pop of color.
Either way, cheers to summer and pretty colors.

This table marks a dozen Sunday tables --
plus another half dozen or so holiday tables that I've blogged about.

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